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Seismic Tour rolls across the US

Jan 22, 2020 | SEISMIC TOUR NEWS

Seismic Tour rolls across the country giving customers opportunity to see new technology

CONEPXO-CON/AGG in Las Vegas serves as the final stop on Dynapac’s Seismic Tour, a road show that crossed the country to highlight the Seismic technology in the company’s new soil compactors. In conjunction with local dealers, Dynapac personnel held multiple events during the nearly four-month jaunt that started in New Jersey in December.

“The Seismic Tour has been a great way to bring this innovative technology to customers so they can see it and better understand how it works,” said Sean Engle, Dealer Sales Manager for Dynapac. “From an operator’s standpoint, it eliminates a lot of the questions with regard to frequency adjustment because the roller’s drum and the material are in sync.”

Teaming up for better results

With Dynapac Seismic technology the drum and soil act as one system that automatically detects the natural frequency of the soil characteristics and works together with it to apply the correct amount of energy. That maximizes the contact force between the drum and the ground, yielding maximized compaction and energy efficiency. It will be available standard on CA1500-CA6500 rollers.

Benefits of Dynapac Seismic include faster compaction results, reduced vibration power and energy consumption of up to 30 percent; reduced noise levels; the possibility of omitting final static passes; a reduction in the number of compaction passes, depending on application; and lower wear for increased machine life. Seismic also works regardless of the type of soil or drum configuration (smooth drum, smooth drum with shell kit or pad foot drum).

Dynapac’s first step in letting a machine automatically decide compaction parameters came with the introduction of Active Bouncing Control (ABC). If the compaction energy returns to the machine with the possibility of causing damage to the machine or over compaction of material, vibration is actively shut off, preventing unnecessary bouncing. Now, Dynapac Seismic continues that technology as it automatically controls the frequency to achieve better compaction.

Another advantage with Seismic technology is the introduction of the compaction meter as a standard option, which shows the operator the progress of the compaction while it performs with CMV, Evib1 or Evib 2 values. This is beneficial for the operator as is it displays compaction performance in real-time, instead of waiting for the quality control technician to confirm compaction levels, which delays the project and could result in under/over compaction.
“Customer response at the tour events has been very positive,” said Marco Paris, Product Application Specialist. “They like the savings our Seismic technology provides. It’s been a blast giving them the opportunity to see it firsthand at each stop along the way.”