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First market to sell a SEISMIC roller

Nov 25, 2019 | SEISMIC TOUR NEWS

Poland was the very first market to sell a Dynapac Soil compactor equipped with SEISMIC, and did so to Budimex Group, which is one of the largest construction groups operating in Poland. Budimex is now expanding Europe’s largest flotation waste tank – which can actually be seen from space!

The benefits expected from Budimex when buying the Seismic roller was to reduce the time required to achieve the desired compaction parameters as well as fuel savings. After working on the project for quite some time, Budimex reports this have been done successfully.

For the compaction of soil, among others, a Dynapac CA3500D with the SEISMIC system has been used. The roller operator immediately noticed the innovation, and thanks to SEISMIC the number of passes was reduced by 20-30% and fuel consumption by 20%, which on a business day scale saved up to 40 liters of diesel!