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Seismic Kick-off held early October

Oct 24, 2019 | SEISMIC TOUR NEWS

Dynapac Compaction Equipment AB and Dynapac Scandinavia’s Customer Center jointly hosted the kick-off of the Dynapac Seismic road show in early October. The purpose of the event was to inform and train key stakeholders about Dynapac’s patent-pending SEISMIC technology. Approximately 50 hand-selected international customers, partners and journalists attended the two-day event, which was held in Karlskrona, Sweden.

Quite fittingly, the event took place in the Compaction Testing Hall in Karlskrona, where Dynapac engineers originally developed, prototyped and tested the revolutionary SEISMIC technology. To get the most out of the event, the participants were divided into smaller groups. This enabled them to learn about Dynapac Seismic in theory and in practice. Participants also received information about other Dynapac compaction technologies, Aftermarket and Service, as well as a much appreciated factory tour.

What is Dynapac SEISMIC technology?

Dynapac SEISMIC is the realization of designing compaction equipment to perform optimally. The system continuously monitors variations in the soil, adjusting the vibration frequency to perfectly maximize compaction results. With the frequency optimized at all times, Dynapac Seismic reduces fuel consumption, improves the soil roller’s environmental impact and minimizes the number of passes required to reach the specified compaction requirement on the jobsite.